Opiate Addiction in Passaic, NJ

Opiate addiction has reached epidemic proportions in many areas all over the United States. For addicts, that news isn't something that will provide comfort. The fact is that opiate addiction in Passaic is a major problem.

Trying to take on opiate addiction by yourself isn't something that's easy to do either. For many addicts, going cold turkey and trying to quit alone may not even be safe. That's why opiate addiction treatment therapy in Passaic exists.

Use this guide to learn more about opiate addiction treatment and how an opiate addiction rehab facility can help you get your life back.

What is Opiate Addiction?

Opiate addiction in Passaic has become a serious problem for many residents. The fact that many people are abusing opiates, and that the numbers seem to be getting higher each year, doesn't bode well for residents of the area.

Opiate addiction can refer to a variety of types of addiction. When it comes to illegal drugs, opiate addiction is the result of long-term or heavy illegal heroin use. For many people, addiction comes quickly after they begin using heroin.

Prescription pain medication can also end in opiate addiction. In many cases, individuals who take prescription pain killers do so legally before becoming addicted. Once their prescription runs out they have to continue using to feel normal.

Some people even turn to illegal heroin use after prescription medication runs out or becomes too expensive. Unfortunately, illegal drugs tend to be even more dangerous because they're not monitored during the manufacturing stage by reputable drug companies.

No matter what kind of addiction you have there is an opiate addiction rehab facility that meets your needs.

Dangers of Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is a serious concern in Passaic. In fact, heroin and prescription drug abuse-related deaths are up more than 200% since 2004 in the state of New Jersey. For addicts though, the broad problem of drug use statistics is likely not as important as individual health.

Short-term abuse of opiates can result in a variety of serious issues. Overdose is also a serious concern as opiates can slow the respiratory rate to the point that the body stops working when abused.

Long-term opiate abuse can put your physical and emotional health at risk. Physical issues related to opiate abuse include heart, liver and kidney issues that can be hard to remedy even with medical help.

Abusing opiates will also destroy many of your relationships with friends, family, spouses and children. Opiate addiction in Passaic may even put your job at risk and take your financial resources away from you.

Opiate addiction treatment can keep you from experiencing the side effects of opiate addiction. You can't turn the clock back, but you can start to get help today by admitting yourself into our center for medical detox in Passaic.

Opiate Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Opiate addiction in Passaic is a major problem for many people, but spotting the signs and symptoms isn't always easy. Many people also go through a stage of denial where they feel they can quit whenever they're ready to do so. In most cases, quitting on your own when you have a real addition isn't possible.

Opiate addiction signs and symptoms include:

  • Fear of being without opiates. Many people are scared to be without drugs and begin to panic once they develop a full-blown addiction.
  • Mood swings and inability to predict your mood. Many addicts go through wild mood swings because of the impact of drugs that they're taking. Hopelessness can be followed by a completely different set of feelings.
  • Opiate addiction in Passaic can cause many people to become depressed over the long-term. Thoughts of suicide, particularly if you feel trapped within your addiction, are not uncommon.
  • Shirking responsibilities to use opiates instead. Many people lose their jobs, forget about family events and avoid things like paying rent and bills on time.
  • Slurred speech, poor coordination, nausea, vomiting and irritability are common signs that you've taken too many opiates. Users often experience these symptoms every time they use because of the large quantities they need to take.

Opiate addiction in Passaic is a serious issue, and without help, it may not be something that you ever beat. There are opiate addiction treatment facilities that can help you out and even guide you through the process of staging a drug intervention in Passaic.

Seek opiate addiction rehab today to make sure you have a healthy, happy tomorrow. Opiate addiction rehab can be hard, but it's well worth the effort that you'll have to put in to live a better life. Call us today at (862) 243-3054 to get your life back on track.

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