Addiction Therapy Programs in Passaic, NJ

Beating addiction is one of the most difficult things that an addict will ever have to do. If you've been suffering with the pain of daily addiction for years, you may feel like you'll never get past it. Once you go through drug addiction rehab in Passaic, addiction therapy programs in Passaic are there to make sure you don't relapse and fall back into bad habits.

While substance abuse therapy programs vary from facility to facility, many do have the same underlying goals. Use this guide to learn more about the most common types of therapy programs for addiction and how they can keep you clean and sober, even if the face of cravings and tough situations in your life.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is something that most people understand in a peripheral way. That's because almost everybody knows somebody directly or indirectly who has had an issue with substance abuse in their past. Even addicts don't always truly understand what addiction is in the broader sense though.

Addiction is a chronic disease that makes seeking drugs, alcohol and their effects hard to control for a user. In many cases, people want to stay away from drugs and alcohol because they know the negative impact they are having on their life. Addiction keeps them being able to say no.

For a lot of people, addiction takes on both physical and emotional properties. In the case of drugs like alcohol and opiates, physical dependence can develop quickly. This is addressed by our process of medical detox in Passaic. Many people experience severe side effects when they go without using their drug of choice for a few hours.

Emotional addiction is also a very real thing, especially for individuals who may have difficult lives and people suffering from mental health disorders. When an addict uses drugs or alcohol to compensate for feelings of inadequacy, depression, shame, guilt or anger, addiction can take hold quickly.

Substance abuse therapy programs can help individuals dealing with addiction handle the underlying issues that may have led them to addiction in the first place.

Types of Therapy Programs for Addiction

Addiction therapy programs in Passaic are numerous, but most people don't really understand what options are available for them. Among the most common types of therapy programs for addiction you'll find:

Art therapy. This type of therapy is designed for men, women and adolescents dealing with issues related to addiction. For many, art therapy is used to help express feelings that are hard to express in words and get past negative emotions that may have led to addiction. While anyone can participate in art therapy, individuals with trauma in their past that led them to drug and alcohol are often referred to these types of substance abuse therapy programs.

12-Step programs. 12-step programs offer recovery support for men and women trying to stay clean and sober after going through rehab or when they stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. The foundation of 12-step programs is a list of tasks an addict should complete to be okay with addiction and put themselves on the road to success. 12-step programs are similar to talk therapy for many people, though a group of peers is used for support in addition to a counselor. 12-step therapy programs for addiction are easy to find in most parts of the United States because they are very popular.

Family Therapy. Family therapy is a type of talk therapy that takes place with a counselor and at least one other family member. This family member can be anyone from a spouse to a parent and the therapy sessions can include multiple people as well. Family therapy programs for addiction often work well when an individual lives in close quarters with family members and their addiction has created special issues that must be addressed for the addict to move on with their life. Family therapy can be a reoccurring part of treatment in conjunction with other substance abuse therapy programs as well.

Addiction therapy programs in Passaic can help addicts recover and stay healthy when relapse prevention in Passaic is life-long risk. In the case of substance abuse therapy programs like family therapy, they can also provide some closure for the negative impact that addiction had on a family and group of loved ones.

Whatever type of therapy you choose, addiction therapy programs in Passaic can help a great deal when it comes to recovery. Call us today at (862) 243-3054 to speak with an addiction specialist about your treatment options.

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